Our donors are just the best

Today’s post is a letter written by our friend and regular diner donor Kris. She sent this to her email address book.  After you read the letter please see what The Double D Diner is working on.


Dear Friends,


Last week’s tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary School touched everyone.   Many of us have been asking what we can do.  There are numerous sites set up to donate funds to the families of the victims.  There are also many other suggestions for how we can honor the victims.  I ran across a unique way of paying it forward that I want to share with you.


There is a non-profit organization called One Less Meal, Inc. that runs the Double D Diner.  The Double D is a virtual diner where you select menu items and pay for your virtual “meal”.  Clyde, the Chief Cook and Bottle Washer, collects your donations and selects a worthy food pantry/shelter within the U.S.  to surprise with the Double D receipts.  The donations are delivered by HungerMan, in full cape and mask.  Videos of the donations are posted online so you can see where your contributions are going.  I’ve been donating to this organization for years and can vouch that 90% of your donation goes directly to the worthy do-gooders.


What a unique way to pay it forward:  to donate in honor of the victims.  The Double D founder relayed to me that someone donated 26 virtual milks and 26 virtual cookies the other day – that made him cry.  I’d been struggling with what to do and realized paying it forward this way would work for me – what a legacy for these angels to leave behind!  I’ve been looking at the unique menu trying to decide between the kid friendly options such as the Peanut Butter and Cake Frosting Sandwich, Grilled “Say Cheese” Sandwich,   Milk and a Gooey Chewy Cookie, Chicken Fingers and Toes, and Double Dutch Hot Chocolate, just to name a few.


So if you’re still struggling with how you can honor the victims, feel free to check out the Double D Diner at www.onelessmeal.org or www.DoubleDDiner.org


I hope you receive this email in the spirit it was intended.  I’ve been overwhelmed with grief and honestly didn’t know what to do; there were too many suggestions and I couldn’t bear wading through them online or listening to them on the radio/TV.  I heard this idea and it left me with a sense of peace – for me it felt right.  I hope you have found or are finding your sense of peace with this tragedy.  If not, maybe buying milk and cookies or a grilled cheese sandwich might provide some for you.


Warmest regards,



We think you’re awesome Kris. And just so you know, we at the diner are attempting to reach school officials to do something. An anonymous donor has offered to provide REAL milk and cookies to the students when they go back to their new temporary school and share the work of HungerMan with those kids.