You’re The Chief Cook and Bottle Washer

I think sometimes people forget that most of us have created the life we live – whether you’re happy or unhappy. You created it all on your lonesome. No one did it for you. You chose and stayed in the job or relationship that doesn’t fulfill you. You ran up debt assuming your situation would change soon. You continued to make poor food choices, didn’t exercise, were a boozer, and a walking smoke signal.

You did it. No one did it for you!

But may I remind you that you are The Chief Cook and Bottle Washer of your life. No one else but you. And each day you have choices. You can remain unhappy. You can fix those circumstances and create a situation that you love. And in some case, like jobs, you can go off and do something completely different.

And how do I know this? Because I was you. I went to school and got some business degrees. And then I worked for a whole bunch of big companies to use those business degrees to……………………………remain unhappy. Then one day I decided to open The World’s Only Virtual Diner Fighting Hunger. I wanted to have fun. I wanted to do something to give back. I wanted more. Just like many of you reading this right now.

We live in a world where there is help and resources abound. There are professionals to help you. There is education to help you. There are self-study opportunities to change what bothers you. There are networks of people to tap into working on the same types of issues. There’s a buffet of ways to fix your life. And all you have to do is pick one (maybe two) and put your heart, soul, sweat and tears into motion.

You are The Chief Cook and Bottle Washer of your life. If you’re not happy about it, maybe today is the day to take a step towards creating something better? Now don’t think it’s gonna be easy, cuz it ain’t. But I’d rather be happy trying to change something than remain unhappy doing nothing.


I gotta get back to the grill,