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You’ve Got Questions? We’ve Got Smart Alec (but legitimate) Answers

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Who are we?: Our formal legal name is DoubleDDiner.org, Inc.  and we operate The Double D Diner, The World’s Only Virtual Diner Fighting Hunger. We were founded 2009 as One Less Meal, Inc. In 2013 we legally changed our name. Hey, if the folks at Research In Motion could finally change their name to Blackberry, we figured we should change our name to reflect our brand too! Our original hope was that people would eat one less meal on a regular basis and donate that meal to those in need. But we didn’t see that happening. People were willing to donate and still stuff their faces. Which is good. It helps feed hungry people and keep supermarket and restaurant workers employed. But what we are really here to do is break The Jello Mold on boring, conservative and depressing fundraising models while helping fight hunger and feed hungry people. To learn more about the hunger issue in the United States please visit this US Dept of Agriculture link.

When did you officially open?: Here’s our Official Press Release

How Do We Reach People?: Virtually, silly. Remember, we’re the World’s Only Virtual Diner Fighting Hunger. Using the power of the Internet, and free email tools, and free Social Media (since no one actually talks face-to-face these days; which is also why we decided to open a virtual diner, and free means more of your donation goes where it should), DoubleDDiner.org will create a nationwide movement while providing an interactive and fun format to raise funds (go get your credit card) for smaller, lesser known food pantries, food banks, and homeless shelters that are making a difference.

Who is HungerMan?: We’ve been trying to figure that out too. All we know is that he is willing to deliver your donations to people in need all around the country. But here’s something odd…..we have never seen him and Clyde in the same place at the same time. But come to think of it we don’t even know what Clyde looks like?

Where does the money go?: Guest Checks are being remitted to different food banks, pantries and soup kitchens  around the United States. It is our goal to have representation from each of the 50 United States and we would love to hear your ideas. Please email us with your ideas and we will surely reach out to learn more. Hint: We are looking for gems that are making a difference but really need the exposure and have the financial need.

My doctor says I shouldn’t skip a meal: Then donate a dessert. We could all do without a dessert – although we do make a mean peach cobbler. And anyway, your doctor told you to lose weight, exercise and quit smoking too. How’s that working for ya, darlin’?

Are you legitimate?: We are incorporated in the State of CT; you can contact the Secretary of State if you don’t believe us. One Less Meal, Inc./DoubleDDiner.org, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization as determined by the Internal Revenue Service. And if you’re searching for us in one of those official nonprofit reference tools, search under both names. The IRS is not the fastest in getting their records updated. We assume they’re being thorough, not operating at the speed of a hand can opener being operated by a child. But if you really want to know how legitimate we are, get in touch with us and we’ll put you in touch with the people who are receiving your donations. 100% of your donation should be tax deductible; as you are receiving no benefit from it. Clyde used to be an accountant and knows this stuff (he’s having much more fun now though); but everyone’s circumstances are different; so talk to your tax preparer.

How can I get in touch to really find out what the heck this is all about?:

  • Well you can email us by going to the Keep In Touch page
  • You can send us a nice letter or postcard to: Double D Diner, PO Box 584, Marion CT 06444
  • You can call the Double D direct at 513.443.4637 (513.44DINER); Ask for Clyde. He handles all business matters.

Why should I donate to you versus directly to an organization in need?:

  • Nothing wrong with doing that, we’re all looking to combat the same battle, but let’s face it, we’re providing a fun format for you to make a difference
  • Our operating expenses are probably lower than the other guys, so the amount of food or money delivered may be greater
  • DoubleDDiner.org, Inc. is actively searching out smaller, lesser known agencies who are making a difference
  • Oh yeah, are you really going to drag your canned goods down to the shelter? How many times have you had that fleeting thought?

If you had to thank somebody for helping you get started and promote your mission who would it be?: Well that’d be Scott Q, Margie T, Jessica P,  Michelle G, Ann N, George C and Joe K just to name a few. I’m sure we forgot a few people. If we did get in touch.

How Much Of My Donation Goes To the Food Banks?: Like any organization DoubleDDiner.org has Operating Expenses. But being a virtual diner, we have no inventory, payroll, wasteful napkin usage, hefty oil bills, or senior citizens stealing the jelly and sugar substitute packages. And in the spirit of our mission, there will be no wasteful spending on corporate retreats in the Caribbean, like you-know-who; we’re trying to do something good here and aim to keep our operating expenses at less than 10%.

We’ve Got Your Private Parts Covered: We respect you and your privacy. We will never, ever, ever sell or give your name to anyone. The only mailing lists you will be added to are ours. And if you don’t want to be added to those; just go the contact page, send us a message and Clyde will remove you as fast as it takes to make grits.

We Love Everyone: DoubleDDiner.org doesn’t discriminate on the basis of age, race, gender, sexual orientation, hair color, weight, eye color, body piercings, people who don’t wear purple clothing, choice of friends, what PACs your support, or anything else you can think of. If an organization is doing good things and needs our help we’re out there looking for a place to turn over your donations.

The Cutting Board of Directors: These are the people who are giving of their time and advice to advance our work. They do their best to stay on the cutting edge of ways to keep Clyde and the rest of the gang in line. Feel free to contact them. If you are interested in learning about Chopping Board opportunities bring us the broomstick of the Wicked Witch of, oh wait that’s been done already; order the Philanthropy Pie Plate and send us a note. We’re serious. We want to know you’re committed.

  • Rich DiGirolamo, Chief Board Cutter
  • Alisa Hunt, Cashier/Money Launderess (we want to make sure the donations are clean when they reach the recipients; nothing worse than sticky coins left on tables put into a sack)
  • Jean Kannan, Head Wait Person (takes notes on all our decisions; but makes us wait to see them in print)
  • Nancy Morse, Bus Person (good thing there are no tables to bus, cuz her brains are what we need her for not her brawn)

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Clyde Cam

The Hunger Hero Delivering Your Donations:

You’re not the only ones having fun here. You get to have fun ordering what you’re not going to eat, and HungerMan, who shall remain nameless, gets to have his fun (at his expense) delivering YOUR donations to those wonderful agencies.

Keep those donations coming. You’re making a difference!

HungerMan visits Toni’s Kitchen in NJ

The Ozanam Inn in New Orleans receives your donations from Clyde Sdale on Vimeo.

On 2-3-11 Good Neighbors Soup Kitchen in Bristol, RI got a surprise!

Good Neighbors Soup Kitchen in Bristol RI gets a surprise visit on 2-3-11.

St. Mary’s Soup Kitchen in Memphis has been serving for 140 years! Your donations help them work towards 141.

Your donations making a difference at The Samaritan Center in Syracuse NY. Woo-Hoo!!

The Ozanam Inn in New Orleans receives your donations from Clyde Sdale on Vimeo.

March 2, 2010; The Ozanam Inn in New Orleans is the recipient of your kindness! Woo-Hoo!!

Our first delivery of your kindness.

1-21-10; We’re open One Week and were able to help a worthy soup kitchen already, thanks to those of you who stopped by!

The Secret Ambassador to the Double D has absorbed all travel expenses associated with delivering these donations. Your donations are putting food where it belongs – in people’s mouths.