Fast Donate/Tip

So you’re more of the Fast Food Type and don’t have the time to be perusing the menu? Feel free to just leave a tip (monetary donation). Beulah donates all her tips to the cause.

Tip #1: Beware of loose salt shaker caps opened by little brats.

Tip #2: Italian food in a diner? Seriously?

Tip #3: Tip your waitstaff generously

Display Preference:

Kimberly Belval $100.00 USD
Heather M Shalhoub $25.00 USD
Karen Cumming $25.00 USD
wayne muhlstein $25.00 USD
Tammy Loro $20.00 USD
regina oleary $25.00 USD
Nancy Morse $25.05 USD
Ronna Shanks $20.00 USD
Susan P Sonstrom $50.00 USD
Lee Anne D'Ambrose $25.00 USD
Elizabet Freedman $25.00 USD
Deborah Hubbell $2.01 USD

Who Needs Our Help?

If you know some nice folks (aka “beneficiaries”) who are helping to feed hungry people and could use our help, go ahead and fill out the boxes below.

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