We are always looking to talk to you fine folks in the media. But you better hurry, our calendar is getting filled with media opportunities:


December 2012: Parade Magazine did a great story on People doing things to fight hunger and feed hungry people in the United States. In Joe Kita’s great coverage The Double D Diner was listed as one of 6 Ways YOU can help. You can read the story here.


Ann Nyberg, WTNH CT Veteran Reporter, Double D Diner Supporter, and all around cool lady

Rich DiGirolamo, Founder One Less Meal, Inc. chats with Veteran CT News Anchor Ann Nyberg about The Double D, HungerMan and some other stuff.

  • The Double D’s Hunger Hero…..HungerMan was spotted dropping your donations in Lebanon, IN.
  • Seems like the folks at World News like what we’re doing; and they’ve created a channel for us:
  • Here’s what the Waterbury Republican American had to say about us two short weeks after opening. Click here to read